Free vs Standard Bestseller Rankings / Submit a Search Term Request / Faster Re-checking Times / Public Access 7 Day Trial!

Version 2.9.0 contains some exciting new improvements, and our first official public release!

Free vs Standard Bestseller Ranks

Our listings have now been separated between standard bestseller ranks, and the special FREE ranking used for permanently free titles on Amazon. If you see the symbol (F) next to a ranking on Sleuthy, this means that book has a permanent price of zero on Amazon, and the ranking is part of that free tier. When searching Sleuthy, you can now also click to select No Free Books to remove these from your search results.

Submit a Search Term Request

On the main Sleuthy dashboard, you will now find a link to add your own search terms to the Sleuthy job-cycle. Simply choose the appropriate genre, and enter your terms separated by either a comma or a line-break. These will then be added to the next main search run.

Faster Re-checking Times

The round-the-clock rechecking system, that looks for new releases and updated rankings, has now been upgraded to run 20% faster. Our goal is to get as close to real-time accuracy as we can.


FREE SEVEN DAY TRIALS are now available. To get yours, simply CLICK HERE! If you enjoy your free trial, you will be charged only $15 a month until you decide to cancel.

More Sleuthy updates and upgrades coming soon!