User Guide: Refining Your Search

When using the search function, you can improve the accuracy and relevance of your results by using specific search techniques. Here are some tips on how to effectively use the advanced search options:

1. Using Quotes for Exact Phrases
– Purpose: To find exact matches of a phrase.
– How to Use: Enclose the phrase in double quotes.
– Example: `”cozy mystery”` will search for results containing the exact phrase “cozy mystery”.

2. Including and Excluding Terms
– Purpose: To ensure certain words are included or excluded in your search results.
– How to Use:
– Use `+` before a word to indicate it must be included.
– Use `-` before a word to ensure it is excluded.
– Example: `+detective -“science fiction”` will search for results that definitely include “detective” but not “science fiction”.

3. Prioritizing Words or Phrases
– Purpose: To prioritize the importance of some words or phrases over others.
– How to Use: Use the `>` or `<` symbols to denote greater or lesser importance.
– Example: `+mystery >detective` prioritizes results related to “mystery” more than “detective”.

4. Using Wildcards for Variations
– Purpose: To search for words with different endings or beginnings.
– How to Use: Add `*` at the end of the root of a word to include all its variations.
– Example: `detect*` could find “detect”, “detective”, “detection”, etc.

5. Combining Terms
– Purpose: To combine different search techniques for complex queries.
– How to Use: Combine any of the above methods in a single query.
– Example: `+”cozy mystery” +detective -witch*` will find results that definitely include “cozy mystery” and “detective”, but exclude words starting with “witch”.

Search Tips
– Precision: Be as precise as possible with your keywords to get the most relevant results.
– Experiment: Try different combinations of these techniques to see which works best for your needs.
– Feedback: If results are not as expected, adjust your query by adding or removing modifiers.

By mastering these search techniques, you can significantly enhance your ability to find exactly what you’re looking for. Happy searching!