Sleuthy - Your Questions Answered

What is Sleuthy?

Sleuthy is a website dedicated to helping audiobook narrators find and initiate new narration projects. The Sleuthy database collects information about suitable books without audiobook versions. The training course teaches narrators how to select the best prospects, reach out with the highest chance of success, and strike the best deals. We are continuing to add new tools and resources, and build a community of professionals who are building their narration business through project prospecting. 

Who is behind Sleuthy?

I’m Hannibal Hills, professional narrator and designer of the Sleuthy database. I love prospecting for projects, reaching out to authors, publishers, and agents, and creating my own projects. This is now how I get the majority of my audiobook projects. I hated how tedious the search process was, so I built the Sleuthy database to make finding target books quick and easy. When I saw what it could do, I knew I had to share it with my fellow narrators. Happy sleuthing!

What can Sleuthy do for me?

The Sleuthy Database is designed to help audiobook narrators and producers find titles without audio versions. The Sleuthy mastery training program is designed to teach how to select books with the highest chance of success, make the approach to the Rightsholder in the right way for that title, and craft the best deal for a new audio production.

How often is the database updated with new books?

New titles are added to the database every day. Additionally, the system is regularly checking existing records to ensure that they are still unproduced, and to update rankings and ratings information.

How can I sort/filter the books to find ones that match my preferences?

When searching our database, you can filter by genre, minimum Amazon sales rank, number of ratings, and average rating. Additionally, you can search for keywords in the title and description, and you have the option to filter out books from major publishers or University Presses. Once you have your filters configured, you can sort your results according to preference (ranking, rating, number of reviews). The default sort order is highest sellers shown first.

Do you provide previews or sample pages of the books listed?

For each listing, there is a full page providing the complete details we collected. Every listing also has a direct link to the title’s Amazon listing, so you can view the latest information there.

Is there a way to save or bookmark books I'm interested in for later?

You are able to save promising titles to your My Leads list. At this time, the system allows each user to store a maximum of 25 books in this way. Books are added via the detailed listing page. Once a book is on your list, you are also able to add your own notes on the title (visible only to you).

Is there a membership or subscription fee to use the platform?

Yes. There is a monthly membership fee for access to the database. The monthly rate is $15. The price allows us to cover the costs of maintaining the systems and invest in continuous development, as well as ensure that only serious sleuths have access to this powerful prospecting data.
Watch for regular offers and discounts offered here on this site and on social networks!

How do you ensure the accuracy of sales rank, reviews, and ratings?

We source our data directly from online booksellers and update it regularly. Each listing in our system shows when the information was last updated. We also have several control processes in place to ensure data is being correctly captured and stored.

Can authors or publishers request to have their books featured or listed on your site?

No. However, narrators can request that the system add search terms to the rolling list, and thus potentially capture books that meet a specific interest.

Are there any partnership or affiliate links involved when I purchase or access a book?

We are not partnered with Amazon or any publisher or audiobook producer, apart from my own company, Royal Wave Media, Inc. To help fund further development, each link to Amazon is a standard affiliate link.

Whom do I contact if I encounter issues or have questions while using the platform?

If you encounter any issues with the platform, or have any suggestions for improvements we are very keen to hear from you. You can contact us at any time by emailing

What is the typical response time to support requests or inquiries?

We aim to answer all requests or inquiries within one business day.

Is there a community or forum where I can discuss or share experiences with other audiobook narrators?

We have created a Facebook group for audiobook sleuths and business builders, which is open to all. You can find the group by clicking here.

How do I provide feedback or suggestions for the platform?

If you have any suggestions for improvements we are very keen to hear from you. You can contact us at any time by emailing

How do you handle user data and privacy?

All user data is private and not shared with anyone outside our organization.

Are there any plans to expand or update the platform with new features?

We are currently developing an entire new phase of exciting features, including our core training, email alerts for new titles, and other tools to help narrators build their own audiobook sleuthing skills and framework.