Audiobook Sleuth Mastery Training

This training program will take you through every step you need to find your success in audiobook prospecting. Armed with the knowledge and tools here, you can dramatically increase your business and income from audiobook projects that you find and create.

The Core Program (live, one-to-one)

Lesson 1: Prospecting Success (1 Hour)

In this lesson, I’ll show you what qualities identify a great prospect. We’ll look at all the indicators you should consider when evaluating any book. We will also define the right books for your business, and map out your own, personal clear path to the fastest prospecting success. We’ll end with a first tutorial on using the Sleuthy database.

Lesson 2: Finding Project Leads (1 Hour)

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to  use the Sleuthy database and other successful methods to find and identify the best projects to persue for your business.  I’ll teach you how to find the contact details you need for a book, the important flags to check, and how to prepare for your first outreach.  We’ll end by finding you a round of real propects right for your business.

Lesson 3: Making Contact (1 Hour)

In this lesson, I’ll teach you all the lessons I have learned about reaching out to authors and publishers in ways that have the best chance of a great result. By the end of the lesson, you will be ready to make contact with confidence, and have a plan of action for every type of book or rights holder response. This stage is the secret sauce of audiobook prospecting, and I’ll be very happy to show you the recipe that brought me repeated success.

Lesson 4: Making a Deal – Contracts, Production, and Beyond (1.5 Hours)

In this lesson, I’ll show you what to do when you get a positive response to your first contact, the types of deal you can expect to make, and how to understand and negotiate a contract to your best advantage. I’ll show you how to use contracted books to create new leads, and how to maximize your income for a project. Finally, I’ll show you how you can build your business bigger every year by avoiding mistakes and following simple principles and formulas for success. After our final formal lesson, I will be happy to provide support by email or follow-up sessions.

Bonus Additions

Three months free access to the Sleuthy Prospecting Database. ($75 value)

Lifetime 25% discount on your membership. ($60 value per year)

Email Scripts for all different types of approach. ($100 value)

Contract templates for every type of production. ($150 value)

Your Lead Management Planning Sheet. ($50 value)

Audiobook production Planning Sheet. ($50 value)

Access to the private community of Sleuthing Experts. 

All graduates get ongoing, personal  email support.